The End of This Relationship?

Do you smell that? That’s the stale popcorn on the ground as you get up to exit the theater. The ending credits are rolling by and, before you leave with your belongings and heavy hearts, look at the ending credits and reminisce a little.

Let’s pretend that I am as important as I’m making myself be and we see my name there! Thanks LMAO.

While I know you all may be heartbroken, it’s all going to be okay! I promise ❤ Just tough it out for these final farewells my loves and you’ll see, not all hope is lost.

Me either tbh!

Before we created our blogs, I literally had no idea what to write about and had no idea how to even manage a blog. I will honestly say, I was in over my head and I figured I would just take the L and call it a day. By the grace of God, I came up with this blog and, even still, I highly anticipated the failure of the blog to be the final outcome….BUT I WAS WRONG!!!

Coming up with a topic was hard but, once I figured out what was going on in my life and how I could translate it into my blog, the creation of the blog was easy. Thinking about this class as a multimedia class didn’t even register to me when I picked the topic on how the medium of movies affects our love lives. Coincidence? I like to think so but, for all I know, it could have shaped my decision before I even thought of what to write on. Regardless, I came up with a blog that would not only help me express myself, but also be multimedia all around and help others in their relationships. If you ask me, I think I did a pretty awesome job!

My horn is tooted thank you very much!

I’m not going to lie to you my loves, at times, I struggled to keep this blog going. There were weeks I couldn’t think of a movie to pick, I couldn’t think of lessons to give, I didn’t like what I wrote, I was obsessing over if people would read it, and a shitload of other things. I also struggled with how far to go and how candid to be. After my first blog post, where I started off with a bang about the sex life of relationships, I realized where I wanted to take this blog. I wanted to be as candid as possible and wanted to turn away all formalities. I think I did just that and, from doing so, created a bond with my followers that was on another level. Besides making it relatable, I also made it interesting, fun, and kept the candid aspect at the same time.

This blog was actually very important to me because, I’m a sucker for love! I want to see everyone happy and to me, the only way to do that is to be realistic. Breaking these misconceptions and giving these lessons were for all of our benefits! I wanted to express some of the frustrations I had to deal with from falling into these misconceptions and I wanted to make sure you were all ready to NOT fall into them. To me, relationships always teach you real lessons, even if you don’t want to learn them or have them happen to you in that way; so that’s what I did. Each blog post I thought of as a relationship and I wrote it out the way I would tell it to a friend, significant other, or interested person. I made sure truth was the foundation of the blog and, lucky for you, humor was just a personality trait that flowed through.

As individuals, we sometimes have a hard time coming to terms with certain things. One thing I noticed is that, there are many people who have a hard time coming to terms with reality.  The idea that there are misconceptions in our movies, and, that some of them are the reasons we all expect things in relationships, seems to be ignored by many. While this may not be true for all people, it definitely goes for a large portion! My blog wouldn’t have been successful if this statement didn’t resonate in some shape or form!

At the end of the day, I’m grateful I took this class and I’m grateful I picked this topic. I was happy to see that I kept my followers entertained and surprised with my movie choices and my advice! Even though it was created to help others, it also helped me! I found comfort in knowing I wasn’t the only who went through certain things or felt a certain way because of these misconceptions put in our media.

This may seem like the end my loves and, technically it is, but I wouldn’t be so sure. I have had multiple people ask me to continue this and, even though it definitely will not be every week, once to twice a month maybe in this blogs future. I thank all of you for purchasing your movie ticket and I hope you enjoyed the show! Bye my loves. Black screens and silent tears ❤

The emotions are high as I take my final bow. Thank you all and please, hold the applause. ❤





What Actually Is Love?

Hello my loves ❤ Today is a sad day in the world of blogging!!! Today is my suppose to be my last post on this lovely blog but, you know me, I’m difficult. For all intents and purposes, let’s assume this is my last fun post…

All our faces rn.

With that being the case, I’m going out with a bang! As it was suggested by a certain individual many of us know, today we will be looking for the misconceptions found in the movie Love Actually. Hold on to your horses and let’s go for an emotionally charged ride!

All right, you guys know the drill! Here’s a little background information to get us all on the same page:

This movie follows about 9 couples around during the holidays, leading up to Christmas time. As their love stories range from couple to couple and character to character, they are somehow all intertwined. Due to every couple having their own plot, the main purpose of this movie is to show people the concept of love in its entirety; the struggles of it, the happiness, the solutions, the feelings and more. I’ve provided a trailer clip below if anyone is interested!!:

Couple 1

Below is a compilation of majority of Harry and Karen’s relationship:

Harry and Karen are a married couple who are going through some marriage difficulties because of Alan’s flirtation with his secretary. As this is a very real situation, there are misconceptions found as well. Mia, who is the secretary, is portrayed to be evil and malicious, where as, Harry is not portrayed badly to anyone other than is wife. SHES LITERALLY IN A DEVIL OUTFIT!!! The misconceptions we need to break are:

  1. that the “other woman/man” are maliciously interacting with your significant other.
  2. that men only have a small role in these kind of situations where the other woman/man has a bigger role.

Why do we continuously see the other woman/man as some evil being who is coming to destroy all words? While I understand that what that are doing it wrong, especially if they are aware of the others marriage or relationship, it does not necessarily make them an evil being. We need to understand that not everyone on this planet is the same and we all don’t think alike or have the same morals. As it is okay to feel a certain way about the individual who is partaking in this situation, we cannot paint them out to be a bad guy because they make the wrong, or less desirable, decision in our opinions.

As for the misconception that it is the other woman/man who has a bigger role in these issue….

While I do believe they are responsible for their actions and are also to blame in these situations, I do not believe that blaming them the most is appropriate. The person who is supposed to be loyal to you is your significant other, not the other person. As it would be nice to see respect from the other person and things of that nature, it does not necessarily mean that they have to show it. Your significant other is the one who pledged their loyalty to you and so, if they brake it and another person is involved, it is your duty to hold them most accountable.

Couple 2

Below is the only scene that matters between Juliet and Mark!:

SOOOOOOOO, from this, you don’t see much. Just a girl getting romanced by a guy and Christmas music softly playing in the background. Little do you know her whole husband is sitting on the couch and, outside, is her HUSBAND’S BEST FRIEND! The misconception here is that any of this is okay!!!! The best friend’s actions, Juliet’s actions, the situation itself! NONE OF IT!

Not only did this become a memorable part of the movie that people in real life have recreated, but we are all sitting here like awwwww this is so cute, when in actuality, its cheating. We need to understand we cannot romanticize everything, even when the romantic gestures from one is more appealing that that of the other

Also, that kiss at the end?!?!?!?!??! How does one kiss their husband’s best friend and then goes back to cuddle with their husband?!?!?! The messiness of it all. Please, don’t think that this is okay just because someone is nice enough to show you they love you better than your husband/wife can. If you think that is accurate and you want to act on it, go about getting a divorce instead of sneaking around and disrespecting your significant other.

In conclusion, this is a very interesting movie with a lot of different perspectives and lessons. There are many other love issues and even some non-intimate relationship love stories that one can look at and learn from. I picked these two love stories because, while it shows us topics we have previously talked about in my blogs, it sheds light on them in different ways than before. We need to break the misconceptions that the other person is the one to blame for when our significant others step out on us and we also need to understand that nice gestures and TLC from someone else doesn’t equal stepping out on another. I hope you’ve all gained a little bit more knowledge on how to navigate these type of situations, should they ever arise. Also, as the holiday season is approaching, please take into consideration the love you have, the love you’ve experienced, and, or, the love you hope to have. With that, you can go into the holidays knowing what it is you want or hope for in the new year and, hopefully, with the knowledge from this blog, you can actually get it without the bs.

Friends With Benefits…Literally

Hello my loves!! I hope all is well and everyone knows I missed them dearly! ❤ This week, we will be dedicating the blog to all of you who have been, are in, or are thinking of, getting into a friends with benefits type of relationship! As per my awesome title, we are literally going to be talking about the misconceptions of friends with benefits from looking at the movie Friends With Benefits!!

Now, given the fact that there are a lot of these type of movies out there, I have taken it upon myself to give you some much needed background information! Take a look:

Two people, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, go through breakups that emotionally change them in different ways. From this, after talking to one another, they decide to forgo emotions and instead, just be friends with benefits. As the movie progresses and their relationships turn, they eventually move from the friends with benefits stage to the actual relationships stage. Basically, the movie is filled with humor, sex, drama, and, you guessed it, EMOTIONS!!

I know y’all are excited to get into the rest so, let’s go!!!!

You know how some of my blog posts deal with getting information or views of other people in relation to the movie? Well, this week, you guys get some information on me! 🙂

I know, I know, this is exciting news!! Writing this post was a little easier because I have first hand been affected by these pesky little misconnections regarding friends with benefits! The two misconceptions I want to break are as followed:

  1. You will be prepared or privy before having sex that you guys are in a friends with benefits relationships.
  2. You will end up with the person you have the friends with benefits relationship with.

Let’s look at misconception #1

Isn’t it so convenient that the two established they would be friends with benefits before they actually had sex and then had to encounter awkwardness? MUST BE NICE!!!! I always thought that, in order to be friends with benefits, a conversation like this one would be had with the other person, PRIOR to us hitting the sack. I was wrong as fuck…

Ladies and gentlemen, please prepare yourself for mid or post sex explanations!!! Very rarely, if at all, do people, especially in this generation, let the other know what they want BEFORE THEY HAVE SEX WITH THEM!!!! You can lie to yourself and say that you do but, I can assure you, majority of the time this is how it play out: We have sex, we see the the person looking at us expectantly, we then realize we have to get out of the situation, we’re finally like… “Oh yeah, I’m not really looking for anything serious, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.” Everything that happened in that scene, where they just casually figured out and came to a mutual understanding of wanting to be friends with benefits, is bull.

I’ve had three friends with benefits in my life and, each and everyone of them were not established until after, or during sex. I watched this movie and tried to have a candid conversation about what we wanted, and some how, the conversation did not really happen like this AT ALL. A bunch of nodding heads and whatever the case may be, but no clear understanding that friends with benefits were what was going to be happening. I have had someone tell me as soon as we put clothes on that maybe we should just stick to being friends with benefits, I have had someone tell me MID SEX that this isn’t nothing more that two friends hooking up, and I have been the one to say right after it that this is gonna be a platonic type of hook up. Moral of the story is, please don’t expect to be comfortable and knowledgeable on whether or not you’re in a friends with benefits with someone until AFTER you actually have sex. Most of the time, friends with benefits are established, however, there are also the times where you instead have a one night stand you weren’t anticipating having one.

Lets look at misconception #2

Okayyyyyyyyyy. As sweet and cool as this little scene was, you need to understand how unrealistic it is. I don’t really know why movies show that friends with benefits always turn into relationships when, majority of the time, they do not. From this misconception, we tend to get our feelings hurt and, in turn, hate the opposite sex LOL. We internalize that, even though we said friends with benefits, the other doesn’t actually mean it.

Me when you think that

Sadly, that isn’t the case at all. There are plenty of people who say they want a friends with benefits and strictly want just that. We look at these misconceptions in movies, of people living happily ever after, and think that, our friends with benefits situation will turn out the same way. Out of the three friends with benefits that I have been in, only one of them actually lead to a real relationship and, it’s my now boyfriend.

I know you’re probably saying, “well doesn’t it means it does work and you do end up with them?” The answer to that question is still no. Even if you start off as a friends with benefits, there is no guarantee that you will get into a relationship after. With me, I probably shouldn’t have gotten into a relationship with the guy I was casually having sex with, since now, we are a constant on an off again relationship. This is not to say that relationships cannot happen after being friends with benefits, its just to say not to expect for it to happen, as it usually doesn’t.

So, we’re at the end and, while I know most of you are not into this type of relationship, there are many people who are. I just want to make sure you’re all aware that, not all the time is a serious relationship necessary, and that having a friends with benefits situation can actually be beneficial. With this, it can only be beneficial if you break the misconceptions that help aid to the destruction of them or your hatred for the person you do it with. Not everything works out or turns into a relationship and, we must understand that we cannot get mad if, in this situation, a relationship is not produced. Friends with benefits has gained popularity over the years and, for those of whom want to partake, you must understand that, not all the time will be prepared for the outcome. While you predict  what will happen, you can communicate with your partner and see where they may want to go with the situation. Enjoy something as jovial, new, and exciting as a friends with benefits, but understand that the misconceptions they present can be the downfall more to your self esteem, as well as, your situationship.


Forgetting Whatstheirface

Hello my loves!! Yes, I did mean for the title to look that way so, please don’t try to come at my grammar/spelling! Thanks 🙂 Second, we’re going to talk all about those misconceptions found within Forgetting Sarah Marshall! With the focus on unwanted breakups and the components found in them, we will be going on this journey of breaking harmful misconceptions together!

For those of you who have no idea what this movie is about, here is a helpful description to help you along:

A guy gets dumped by his actor girlfriend and is so heartbroken, he can’t seem to let it go. In the hopes of trying to heal from the breakup, he goes on a trip to Hawaii, where he runs into his ex and her new man. While still trying to figure out if he wants his ex back or not, he creates a bond with another girl while all types of funny drama unfolds during the trip.

Glad that we’re all on the same page! Let’s move on!

As I’m sure you can all agree, I’ve never been a predictable girl! That being the case, we will be focusing on understanding certain aspects of a breakup, not just breaking up as a general topic. From this movie, we will be breaking the misconceptions that:

  1. The person who breaks up with their partner will be unfazed by the situation.
  2. The person who breaks up with the other is a terrible person because they don’t want to be with their partner anymore.

I have provided two clips that will help you understand why these are really good misconceptions to break.


Other than the person recording having terrible camera using skills, the scene can make you believe that Sarah is a terrible person for not wanting to be with Peter anymore. Firstly, breakups are subjective and personal. This means that every situation is different, even if it seems similar to others, and they can bring out emotions based off of our own feelings. That being said, we must understand that we are human beings and, sometimes, intentionally or not, we can find someone else we want to be with when in a relationship. While there is a difference between actively searching and accidentally finding someone, there is still a chance for a person to break up with another and not be a terrible person because of this cause of breakup.

SIDE NOTE: THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT CHEATING, DISHONESTY, AND CREEPING ARE ACCEPTABLE WHEN FINDING SOMEONE ELSE. The acts are wrong, even if the ultimate decision does not make you a bad person.

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CLIP IS REALLLLL RATED R. Please feel free to skip to 40 seconds and watch from there. It includes less sexual craziness and may not make you that uncomfortable. Also, just click the link if the video doesn’t work!!

click here 

Okay, bare with me! The reason I chose this clip over many others is because, in this scene, you see that both of the exes are putting on a show in order to affect the other. While we already knew Peter was affected by the breakup, we didn’t think that Sarah was too, since she broke up with him. That’s the misconception we need to break; that because you breakup with someone, it means you’ll be unfazed and not care. This is not true at all and, honestly, is unfair to both people in the relationship to think in this way. It is unfair to the person who gets dumped because you’re insinuating that they are easy to move on from, and its is unfair to the person who does the dumping because you are claiming they are just a terrible person.

We need to understand that, a lot of the times, no matter the situation, we will be fazed by ending a relationship. Regardless of the amount of time spent in the relationship, both people may feel something at some point or another because of the change of no longer being in the relationship. In many cases, people don’t show they are fazed by the change of the relationship until the other person is no longer paying mind to the change. For example, Sarah was fine and content with her new man until she saw the way in which Peter was with Rachel. At that point, she started to make it more and more obvious that, even if she says she wasn’t, she was affected by the breakup as well. It happens to the best of us and, no matter how hard we try to play it off, we are all affected in some shape or form from a breakup, even if not in the exact same way as our ex partner.

We are all fazed….it just takes us all different times to realize it!

As we have reached the end of this post, I just want to make sure you’re all aware that, not everything works out the way we hope or expect it will. As being in relationships or thinking about getting into one, we must understand that, not all the time will be prepared for the end. We pray that the day will never come but, it very may might. While I cannot help you predict if it will, I can help you understand the aspects that make up unwanted breakups, and help you figure out which misconceptions to break int regards to them. Take the time you need to heal and understand that, while the other person may have hurt you, they too are affected by the situation and they aren’t an asshole because they decided to leave you.

PIECE OF ADVACE: Relationships are 50/50 chance things. There is a 50% chance that you guys will crash and burn at any given time, whether 2 hours in or 10 years together. And there is a 50% chance that you guys will make it through and stick it out. Regardless of which path your relationship is set to take, keep the lessons it taught you and learn from them. ❤

To All the Times You Thought Your Love Life Was Going to Be Like This

Welcome back my loves!! ❤ Spooky Szn is officially over and now, it’s back to our regularly scheduled program of movies that don’t give me anxiety LMAO. I must admit, this is one of those movies that has a special place in my heart and, if I had to say, is at the top of my list for cheesy, guilty pleasure movies. That being said, it was hard deciding to pick this movie, however, it’s a perfect example of a movie NOT to watch when in, or thinking about getting in, a relationship. So, without further or do, get ready to learn about the misconceptions present in, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, below is a description of all you need to know:

A cute, to herself girl. A whole box of letters to previous loves. A whole lot of drama. A hot, kind boy. A fake relationship with shy girl and hot boy. A bunch of real emotions. A whole lot of drama again. A revelation moment. A happy ever after.

Now, while this movie is a great teen movie to watch to get butterflies all over again, it is filled with a lot of misconceptions that need to be broken. The first one can be found in the clip below:

Do you know how many times I have waited for a hot boy to come up to me and ask me to be his pretend girlfriend so that, eventually, he can see he loves me and we can then, live happily ever after in a real relationship?!?!?!?! Sadly, to many times to count and this movie here, does a great job bringing those misconceptions back to light. We must start to understand that just because things happen in movies, it does not mean they will happen in real life.

Inserts sad face gif here because I’m still waiting for this to happen to me.

The misconception found here is that you will have a chance like this in high school, or any time in your life, for this type of proposition to happen to you. I know its hard to grasp but, unless you’re apart of an escort service or helping your friend out with their strict/crazy parents, the chances of this happening are slim to known. I know most of you are saying, “this could happen” and blah blah blah, but we all know the truth. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me that this has happened to them.

We must understand that high school scenarios in movies like this aren’t actually high school scenarios, and they definitely, will not find there way to adulthood either. We all wait throughout high school, and even as adults, to find ourselves in a scenario like this. The truth of the matter is, watching movies like this have you hoping and dreaming for things that, more often that not, never happen. I’m still waiting for a Peter Kavinsky to sweep me off my feet and proposition me with the relationship of a lifetime.

Let’s take a look at another clip!!

Peter and Lara Jean’s first party together is one those perfect moments where I can call out another misconception!!!! First, did anyone notice how NICE that house was?!?! Like wth! Compared to our basement parties, adult parties, and even high school parties at someone’s house, I’ve never seen a house that nice for a high school party. But that’s just me.

The misconception here is that, it’s okay to put just about anything on social media. Do you see how many times both Lara Jean and Peter take pictures of one another, and then, post it on their social media? Is this far fetched from our society today? I think not.

We, as a technologically advanced society, have continuously placed the “better” versions of ourselves on social media. This movie is showing you how both individuals knowingly put versions of one another on their social media, even though the versions they put up, aren’t actually true.

We must understand that we don’t always have to put things on social media. Also, we must comprehend that when in a relationship, we don’t always need to broadcast said relationship on our social media. More often than not, we look to social media for validation and acknowledgment that our relationships are real and happy. Breaking this misconception, that social media needs to be a considered aspect go your relationship, will help make your relationship less structured and planned, and instead, more natural.

Finally, you can see that, while certain movies are great ones to watch, when in a relationship or thinking of getting into one, they should be avoided. You must break the misconceptions that:

  1. social media is an important aspect of relationships
  2. that we can expect for the same situations that are found in movies to happen in real life

Once these misconceptions are broken, you’ll find that you’re relationship will be better off and, you may fin yourself a Lara Jean or Peter Kavinsky in a more realistic way!


Spooky Relationships!

Happy Spooky Szn my loves!!!! Now, I’m going to be completely honest with you in saying, I love me some Spooky Szn with the dressing up, candy, and fun, but I can’t watch scary movies!! I’m a big scaredy cat and literally have to mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare myself to watch them. That being said, I have picked one of the movies that didn’t give me intense nightmares, while also still being totally spooky and totally relevant to this blog! 🙂 The movie for this week that you should NOT watch if in a relationship or if thinking of getting into one, which is also dedicated to Halloween approaching, is Truth or Dare.

If I had to watch it, then y’all gonna read about it!! Stay Put!

For those of you who haven’t watched it, I’m a little angry at you. The reason is, I now have to explain to you the idea of the movie and, in doing that, I’m raising my blood pressure because its bringing up unnecessary fear. Given then fact that I love y’all, I’ve powered through this fear and have provided the story below:

A group of friends decided to be dumbasses and play this Truth or Dare game in an abandoned building in Mexico with some stranger they just met. Once they get back to the states, they realize some messed up shit starts happening where people’s faces get weird and they are provided an ultimatum of sorts: Complete the dare or tell the truth and you wont DIE. The majority of the movie is filled with watching the friends go through this game, seeing drama unfold, and witnessing people die in the craziest of ways.

If you don’t think this movie is at least a little creepy because of the faces, then leave me alone because you clearly with scary movies for a living.

Now, from a relationship standpoint of view, this movie is a complete no-go because of the love triangle found throughout the movie. There are these two best friends, Olivia and Markie, who are in love with this guy named Lucas. Crazy part is, Markie is dating Lucas but Lucas loves Markie while still liking Olivia, Olivia loves Lucas while being Markie’s best friend, and Markie is just a weird individual. (say that really fast so it can confuse you 🙂 )

Your faces with all that’s going on lol!

This movie provides you with misconceptions and, me being as awesome as I am, I’m here to tell you the misconceptions you should throw away now! Even in life or death situations and particularly within relationships, one must remember that:

  1. Loyalty is something that should never be broken
  2. Secrets are something that should never be kept undisclosed

Warning: Some explicit content is coming up to show you the exact moment where both Olivia and Lucas realized they fucked up and should have just took the L and died a particularly easy death.

SOOOOOOOOOO. Since Olivia was being a fake friend who was pining after her best friend’s man for as long as can be, the game made her sleep with Lucas as a dare. Now, as a best friend, you should have loyalty to you friend and their relationship, just as much as those in the relationship should have for one another.

People are always thinking that loyalty in relationships should only be between the two people whom are with one another, however that is not the case at all. When you’re in a relationship, you are should also expect those closest to you to have loyalty to you and the relationship you’re in. It is so common for us to get mad at the person in the relationship, in this case Lucas, and say he was wrong and blah blah blah, but we very rarely consider the other person’s loyalty in the same degree.

Yes, there is a problem with Lucas accepting this dare to happen, but it takes two to tango, right? Remember how we talked about fake friends??? Well you need to drop those with no loyalty as well.. You also need to drop trash ass partners who feel like cheating, in any circumstance, is okay. Sure, I know you guys are thinking, “if they don’t do it they will die!!” While that is true, did I forget to mention that the game will just keep going and going until all the players are dead anyways?!?!?!?!(Ignore the last part of the movie, because honestly, these bitches Olivia and Markie just screwed a whole world over) In this case, I’m not concerned with the logistics of the game, i.e, there death, but more in the idea that, the game would never had asked Lucas and Olivia to have sex with each other if they both didn’t have feelings for one another and were both loyal to Markie.

Let’s continue:

Secrets….pesky little things..

At the end of the day, Markie is also an individual who doesn’t provide loyalty in her relationship, but also, she keeps a lot of secrets too. When in a relationship, you’re not suppose to keep secrets like this, that are clearly those than can change the course of a relationship. Also, you shouldn’t burden your best friend with having to keep them as well. This movie likes to show you that Olivia is a bad friend because of the things she does to Markie, however, throughout the actual film, you see how much Olivia does and sacrifices for Markie. This is not to say that loyalty to your friend isn’t important when needing to keep their personal life private, however, if Markie never cheated on Lucas all the time, there would be no secret like this to keep hidden.

The moral of this point is, secrets are not good, especially in relationships and, at one point or another, they will be revealed. It is better to be honest and truthful when in a relationship than to lie and pretend that things are not going on. It also shouldn’t take you a serous situation, like dying or living, to bring those secrets to life. When you’re in a relationship, you sign up for being honest with your partner, no matter the circumstances. Don’t be an liar.

Image result for drake and josh i'm not calling you a truther gif

SIDE NOTE: Lucas and Markie’s relationship is clearly unhealthy if you didn’t grasp that before. Lucas has feelings for another girl and has sex with her while Markie stays cheating on him but lies to him about it…… For you cheaters out there, just end the relationship instead of being assholes to one another and staying in the relationship because of dumb reason. No one deserves what either of them gave each other and the same goes for your relationships as well. Don’t be the person to hurt another person, however, don’t be a person who sits around and gets hurt. Realize you deserve better or that you need to do better and get it done.

In conclusion, you should understand that this movie is scary, emphasis on scary lol, and filled with misconceptions. You need to expect loyalty from those in relationships, however, you also need to expect it from those who are closest to your relationship as well. Finally, when it comes to keeping secrets, you shouldn’t do it because they affect the relationship greatly and shows that you don’t have loyalty to your partner like you should have. I hope you have a great Spooky Szn and that you enjoyed this post because there will be no more horror/scary movies in this blogs future.

Image result for pirates of the caribbean i will not be doing that again gif


The Definition of Scary: In-Laws!

Hello my loves ❤ This week, it’s all about those scary, overbearing, in your business, annoying, but sometimes, unexpectedly awesome, in-laws!!! Now, while some of you are sitting here like “I’m not married so their not my in-laws” or, “I have a great relationship with my in-laws so this doesn’t apply to me,” shut up 🙂 That’s right, you heard me correctly, I said shut up!

I thought the same thing too, until I woke up one day and got a rude awakening. I’ll explain some more later, however, get ready to break some misconceptions about your in-laws by looking closely at the depictions found in Monster-in-Law!

Just to make sure you’re set, here’s the general gist of the movie:

Mama’s boy falls in love with a girl and then asks girl to marry him. They move in together and plan to live happily ever after. In comes Mother-in-Law who makes it nearly impossible for the girl to be happy with the boy, while of course, the boy is completely “unaware”. Mother-in-Law and Bride-to-Be have a full on war with one another and shit gets wild. After a full on slap war and both ladies trying to drive the other out, everyone lives happily ever after!

Now, because this is totally unrealistic, with the ways in which they try to get rid of each other, it is a very great example of a movie NOT to watch when in a relationship.

Here’s the thing you need to understand about in-laws: They are not always who they claim to be. This is true for all people, however, in-laws take it this statement to another level! In this clip, you can see the mother’s clear distain for her son’s new found relationship with Charlie, as well as, her disdain on his proposal. This correlates to real life because, even if they don’t show it, your in-laws can’t stand something, if not everything about you 🙂

The first time you meet your in-laws, they are completely different from when you’ve been around them over and over. The reason this, and understanding they aren’t who they claim to be, is so important, is because you need to break the misconception that you will be able to tell if an in-law likes or dislikes you off the bat.

Some people are masters at hiding their true selves and, I am convinced, in-laws created this art. More often then not, in-laws are not terrible to you the first time they meet you because they don’t want to get into it with their kid about manners, respect, and things of that nature. An in-law rather be phony to their child’s significant other whom they don’t like, rather than lose out on the relationship that the child and them have. So basically, don’t believe that, just because they weren’t mean/rude to you the first time, that they actually like you and you’re in the clear.

You trying to pretend you’re okay rn.

Another misconception is that your in-laws will have a big reason to not like you. You may think they don’t like the way you dress, what your occupation is, how you do a certain task, and things of that nature, but the reality is, that’s not true at all. Looking at this clip, you can see that the mother really doesn’t like Jlo simply because she take her son’s attention off of her. The fact that Jlo sips her tea like that just gives her more of a reason to hate Charlie(Jlo). The point is, in-laws don’t like you because of the fact that you’re drawing the intention of their child away from them!! All that other stuff is just a way to justify their craziness.

Be ready to be entertained!!

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and some change and things were all good until a few months ago. His mother, father, and I hit it off right away and had a solid bond that, I was pretty surprised with. Now, fast forward to a particular day where everyone just got crazy and I had to hold my ground. His mother totally spazzed on me one day and I was so shocked for a minute, I didn’t say anything as sis was yelling in my face. Now, fast forward to 5 seconds later, I snapped out of it and held my ground and defended myself. All the things she was saying basically showed me that this whole time, she was just being “nice” because I was her son’s girlfriend, not because she liked me for him. That being said, I was not only aware that she was not who she claimed to be when we met and the time until that incident, but also, she didn’t have a valid reason for not liking me. Within her spazzing out dialogue, she deadass told me she didn’t like me because of the the way I folded her son’s shirts; because it showed that I was lazy……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

I’ll leave y’all to figure that out for yourselves but my point is made. 

That’s why I told you guys to shut up earlier! Just because you’re not married or “you have a good relationship with your in-laws,” it does not necessarily mean any of those are true. If you’re dating someone and there is a possibility you could marry them, their parents are your potential in-laws. That means, you need to read this because this shit applies to you too. Also, I have already told you about how not all of the times will you have a great relationship with your in-laws so, that statement, needs to get thrown out of the window. Not one couple will have a relationship in which their in-laws and them never feel like they are on bad terms, have tension, or want to full on smack the shit out of them.

Watch these two clips right after each other!

The reason I added both of them is because I waned to bring to light a very important topic: Being good enough for your in-laws kid.

The first clip is important because, instead of showing all of the things that Jlo puts up with and does for her fiancé, it briefly shows what Jlo does for his mother. What the clip doesn’t show you is that Charlie takes Viola(the Mother-in-Law) into her house, gives her her medication, makes sure she eats, makes sure she’s comfortable, and things like that. Highlityghteing that was necessary because, in the next clip, before all the craziness, Viola claims that Charlie will never be good enough for her son. Basically, Viola is trippin’.

I had the same thing happen to me. Since his mother already hated me, I low-key saw his father going down the same path. While he didn’t flat out say that I wasn’t good enough for him, his father continuously compared me to his son’s ex. On top of telling me that I didn’t do things like her, his mother was still being a she-devil sooooooo, you can only imagine how much I tried to do and be “better. From doing everything to cooking dinners, driving them where they needed to go, and things like that, I tried so hard to get them to think I was good enough…they never did and still don’t. Thats why I feel like you guys need to break the misconception that you aren’t good enough because your significant other’s parent say so and you need to do things to make yourself good enough. The way you treat your significant other’s parents when they are nothing but terrible to you, or even middle terrible, shows that you are good enough for them. You take on the responsibility of being there for your significant other, and their family, without expecting anything in return. And at the end of the day, no one can question your self worth or how important/necessary you are for your significant other if they aren’t in your relationship and don’t take the time to love you like your partner does.

All in all you need to break the misconceptions that in-laws are always who they claim to be, that your in-laws will have a big reason to not like you, and that you aren’t good enough because your significant other’s parent say so and you need to do things to make yourself good enough. So my loves, please understand the you are good enough and there are ways to combat the craziness that are in-laws. Be confident in yourself, your relationship, and have your partner figure out the right way to deal with both you and their parents. Having your partner in your corner makes the views of their parents, and the ways in which they deal with you, a little bit better in the long run. Stay strong and ignore the psychos that are, or will be, your in-laws! 🙂

You running away from your in-laws and me because of this post 😦 LMAO